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Need less. Use less. Live more.

The homes are stylish and sustainable. The lifestyles, uncomplicated and inspiring. We’re the kind of people who believe it’s not just about where you live, but how you live. Calm. Comfortable. Efficient. We invite you to join the Vali community.

“Built for our time and place.”

Architect Mathew Salenger, AIA / coLAB studio

Many homebuilders design merely for economy and aesthetics. We take a more holistic approach. In a Vali home, countless tiny pieces come together to create an effortless space that combines timeless style with long-term durability and energy efficiency.

thoughtful design

Our homes live well within the environment and you will live well within them. And because they are built to last 100 years, you will live well for a long time.

love the Phoenix desert

Landscaping is carefully selected to provide shade, beauty and connection to the desert. Roof drainage works with landscape swales to help recharge groundwater. And low water drip irrigation is only necessary for 1–2 years then can be turned off entirely.

exterior skin

Radiant heat is the biggest threat to energy efficiency in Phoenix’s extreme climate. To combat this, we have created one-of-a-kind steel siding panels that are designed to constantly circulate cooler air from the ground and vent out the heated air above the house.

polished concrete

Believe it or not, 98% of residential “polished” concrete floors aren’t polished at all, but simply treated with a chemical topcoat or wax coating. Ours are ground, honed and polished which alters the density of the floor, making them largely maintenance free for a lifetime.

architectural doors

Can doors be a work of art? No top jambs, no trim, solid core slabs and massive hinges make ours a showpiece. Even better, they open to create flowing spaces and close for clean lined privacy.

healthy living

If you think life should be lived comfortably, we couldn’t agree more. In our homes, comfort comes first. And we design accordingly.

breathe well

Rather than standard HVAC, Vali homes feature an Energy Recovery Ventilator that constantly brings preconditioned, filtered air into your home. Simultaneously, stale air is exhausted so you enjoy the highest level of air quality without those equally high energy bills.

sub slab venting

Moisture and radon can enter a home from the ground below. We install a Stego vapor barrier under our homes that transports these toxins to above the roof where they can do no harm. The result is better air quality, no mold issues and reduced utility costs.

be nice to your clothes

Washers inevitably leak. So ours are custom designed with a pan that drains straight outside. And dryers burn up your clothes (that’s where all the lint comes from). Our condensing dryer is low-heat and energy efficient, eliminating the need for a vent which can clog and catch on fire.

energy savings

Ever feel like your money is flying out the window—literally? Every square inch of a Vali home is designed for maximum energy efficiency. So you can kiss those outrageous utility bills goodbye.

mini splits

Because Vali homes are so well insulated and sealed they use just 10–20% of the energy an average home uses. So instead of a traditional, inefficient HVAC system we use a ductless Mini Split system to keep the home comfortable and consistent and save you a ton of money.

what’s in the wall?

Our walls are designed for energy efficiency and sustainability. They are extra thick, extra insulated and extra durable. So heat, cold, moisture and pollution stay outside and your hard-earned money stays in your wallet.

50-year windows

In Phoenix’s harsh desert climate vinyl and aluminum windows deteriorate in 10 years or less. Vali homes feature solid wood windows that are more energy efficient, secure and will last 50 years with minimal upkeep. Aluminum cladding lends a modern look and protects the wood from sunlight.

overhang design

A south-facing overhang has many advantages in our desert climate. In winter, light hits the concrete floor where it is stored and slowly released throughout the day. In summer, the overhang keeps all sunlight off the windows and floors, making the home easier to cool.

great ratings

A HERS Rating is an extensive test that predicts the energy usage of a home. For instance, a remodeled mid century brick home is likely to score over 150, whereas an Energy Star rated home is under 80. Vali Homes are in the range of 10–30, some of the lowest scores possible. And that’s great news for your bottom line.

Creating better lives for Phoenicians

Our homes are designed for comfort, environment and value. They go beyond LEED Platinum Certification and are Net-Zero energy use, making them even more efficient than “green” homes. So all the money you would be spending on utilities can now go straight to your bottom line.

Can a house pay for itself?

This one just might. There are regular homes, there are “green” homes and there are Vali homes. While Vali homes are similarly priced to green homes, the comparable savings over time are dramatic. Check it out.

monthly savings

VALI homeowners can save close to $800 a month, thanks to lower utility and maintenance costs. With that kind of money you could buy over 400 cups of coffee. (Or a weekend getaway with a reasonable amount of coffee.)

long-term savings

All that money adds up to over $60,000 in savings over the first 10 years. Then maybe it’s time for an electric or hybrid car?

building equity

Watch your equity grow with a Vali home. You can pay off your loan almost twice as fast by putting your utility and maintenance savings toward your principal.

Data is based on homes with a purchase price of $500,000 and similar value per square foot. Equity information is based on a 30-year mortgage with a 10% downpayment. To learn more about potential savings contact us or read this post.

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