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2013 Valley of the Sun Solar and Sustainability Tour

This new prototype desert residence is influenced by early contemporary designs of California (Eichler) and Arizona (Beadle). The architect-designed residence takes those design icons to a new level in the desert. This new, energy efficient and sustainable residence embodies appropriate desert design, materials and up-todate technologies and practices in the Valley setting. Passive/active solar, Green Building and sustainability practices, and simplicity of desert form make for a remarkable and elegant living experience.

The concept of the house is a reflection of the forward thinking architecture of the simple, modernist homes of the 1960’s with an emphasis on everything we have learned since about energy efficiency, comfort and durable construction.

The goal is to have a house that will last and stay relevant for the next 100 years with minimal maintenance and worry. It is very simple but very well executed. The house is designed to be net zero energy and very low water use.

The idea was to take as much load off the house as possible through passive solar design, air sealing and proper insulation to reduce the demand of the systems and create a comfortable and healthy environment year round.

The builders and archictect will be on hand to answer questions.

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